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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, January 17, 1946
Executive Orders:  [9681 Designating the Honorable Jorge L. Cordova as Acting Judge of the District Court of the United States for Puerto Rico; Jan. 17, 1946; not published]
11:00 am Mr. Sidney Hillman
11:30 am General Carl Spaatz
(Made by General Harry Vaughan)
12:00 pm The President will receive the Rt. Rev. Monsignor John
O'Grady, Secretary, Natl. Conf. of Catholic Charities, and
spokesman for thirty-three national organizations, urging
support of the Wagner-Ellender-Taft General Housing Bill
(S. 1592). Those who will come - Mr. Boris Shiskin, Sec.
Housing Com. A.F. of L.; Rev. Beverley M. Boyd, Exec. Sec.
Dept. of Christian Social Relations, Fed. Council of Churches
of Christ; Dr. Caroline Ware, Member, Natl. Legislative
Committee, American Assn. of University Women; Mr. William
Nicholas, Dir. Housing Div., C.I.O.; Mr. Leslie S. Perry,
Natl. Representative of Natl. Assn. for Advancement of
Colored People; Lt. Comdr. Philip H. Hill, Legal Consultant
on Housing Matters of Natl. Institute of Municipal Law
12:30 pm Hon. Dean Acheson, the Acting Secretary of State;
The Secretary of the Treasury [Fred M. Vinson].
(Mr. Acheson phoned late yesterday to ask whether he
still had his routine Thursday engagement with the
President and when informed that he did have, stated
he and Secretary Fred M. Vinson would take advantage of it
to tell the President something they had in mind, and
in this way avoid asking for an additional appointment)
1:00 pm (Lunch)
2:00 pm (Hon. Roger I. McDonough; James M. Douglas; Mr. Nathan
Feinsinger) Steel Fact Finding Baord
4:00 pm (Mr. Philip Murray; Mr. Benjamin Fairless; The Secretary of Labor
[Lewis B. Schwellenbach]; Hon. John Snyder; Hon. John Steelman)

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