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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, March 19, 1948
10:00 am (The Secretary of Commerce [W. Averell Harriman])
(Off the Record)
10:30 am (Mr. Tom Evans)
11:00 am Honorable George W. Welsh, Mayor of Grand Rapids,
Michigan, just reelected President of the
Conference of Mayors
Honorable Thomas D'Alesandro, of Baltimore, Md., Chairman
Mr. Paul Betters
(Asked if they might give personal report to the
President covering the recent Annual Conference
of Mayors in New York City. In addition they wish
to seek his advice on one or two matters raised
by representatives of Federal Government at the
11:15 am Senator Warren G. Magnuson, Washington
Mr. William M. Allen, President of Boeing Aircraft Co.
(Requested by Senator Magnuson. Mr. Allen
wishes to present the President with model of
new Boeing ship)
11:25 am (Senator Warren G. Magnuson)
(Mrs. Clara Jenkins, the Senator's sister)
(Mrs. Carol Parker)
11:30 am Honorable Frank A. Waring, Chairman, Philippine
Member of Commission
(Requested by Mr. Waring)
11:45 am Senator Albert W. Hawkes, New Jersey
(Phoned Mr. Connelly to ask for this appointment)
12:00 pm The Secretary of the Treasury [John W. Snyder]
Honorable Nellie Tayloe Ross, Director, Bureau
of the Mint
(Requested by the Secretary of the Treasury)
12:15 pm H.E. Senor Don Ernesto Jaon Guardia, the
Ambassador of Panama
(Newly appointed - presented credentials)
12:30 pm The President meet with the Board of Trustees of
the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Foundation
in the Cabinet Room:
Honorable George E. Allen
Ted R. Gamble
William L. Green
William D. Leahy
Isador Lubin
Peter H. Odegard
Samuel I. Roseman
Robert E. Sherwood
Frank C. Walker
Grace G. Tully
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:00 pm (Mr. McKim and Mr. M. J. Knoblock)
3:15 pm Honorable James E. Webb, Director, Bureau of the
3:45 pm The Atomic Energy Commission
(All present except Messrs. Bachus and Wilson)
3:50 pm Honorable Frank Walker
4:40 pm (Honorable Sam Rosenman)
4:50 pm (Honorable Frank Walker)
(Honorable Sam Rosenman)

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