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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

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1. Date: 5-22-1945   Time: 4:00 pm
Hon. George T. Summerlin; Adm. William D. Leahy

2. Date: 6-8-1945   Time: 10:15 am
The President presented Distinguished Service Medal
posthumously to Maj. Gen. Edwin M. Watson, with the
following present: Mrs. Edwin M. Watson; The Secretary of War
[Henry L. Stimson]; Gen. George C. Marshall; Gen. and Mrs. Warner McCabe;
Mrs. Anna Boettiger; Mr. Edw. Nash; Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt;
Miss E. V. Nash; Justice and Mrs. Felix Frankfurter;
Justice and Mrs. Robert Jackson; Hon. and Mrs. Frank
Walker; Judge and Mrs. Samuel Rosenman; Col. B. W. Davenport;
Col. Frank McCarty; Hon. B. M. Baruch; Hon. George T.
Summerlin; Hon. Stanley Woodward; White House Staff
[Public Papers]

3. Date: 6-12-1945   Time: 2:50 pm
(Hon. George T. Summerlin; Col. Harry Vaughan; Capt. James Vardaman)

4. Date: 6-15-1945   Time: 12:00 pm
The President presented Congressional Medals of Honor to:
Major Everett P. Pope, U.S.M.C.; 1st Lt. Carlton R.
Rouh, U.S.M.C.; Pfc. Luther Skaggs, U.S.M.C.;
Pfc. Gino J. Merli, U.S.A.
The following were present:
Gen Geo. C. Marshall; Adm. King; Hon. James Forrestal;
Fleet Adm. Ernest J. King; Gen. A. A. Vandegrift;
Lt. Col. L. J. Field, U.S.M.C.;

Mrs. Everett P. Pope, wife of Major Pope
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Pope, parents; Capt. and Mrs. James Jasper

Mrs. A. Rouh, mother of Lt. Rouh; Mrs. P. Rouh, wife;
Mrs. F. Graham, sister; Mrs. A. Gerbing, sister; Mrs.
E. Dawson, sister; Miss F. Graham, niece; Mrs. B. Rouh, sister-
in-law; Mrs. J. Rouh, sister-in-law; Pvt. Howard Rouh, brother

Lt. Comdr. D. T. Jones, Med. Corps (officer who treated Skaggs);
Sgt. and Mrs. Marty King;
Pvt. and Mrs. Frank Gieshaber;
Pvt. Lawrence P. Roger; Miss Anna Patterson; Miss Rita Kane;

General Christiansen; Mrs. Assunta Merli, mother of
Pvt. Merli; Mr. Egisto Merli, father; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph

5. Date: 7-17-1946   Time: 12:00 pm
The President received the following group
of Editors and Executives of the McGraw-Hill
Publishing Company in Washington for a two
day meeting:
Fowler W. Barker; W. K. Beard, Jr.; C. W. Bendigo;
T. V. Bihler; Hendley Blackmon; R. F. Rober; Nelson
Bond; L. V. Burton; Malcolm Burton; A. N. Carter;
John Cobbs; Robert Colborn; Walter F. Crowder;
William E. Dunnell; George E. Doying, Jr.;
Eugene Duffield; Carter Field; Burnham Finney;
Irvin Foos; Peter French; Joseph Gambatese;
J. A. Gerardi; Ivan Given; Stuart Hamilton;
W. J. Hargest; S. T. Henry; John Hightower;
Lee H. Hill; D. D. Hogate; Robert Hotz; Evan Just;
Dexter Keezer; Hugh Kelly; Richard Larkin;
Paul Leach, Jr.; James A. Lee; Curtis W. McGraw;
William MacDonald; Magruder Maury; Richard McBride;
Gordon McBride; Alexander McSurely; Merlin Mickel;
Gladys Montgomery; L. C. Morrow; Leslie E. Neville;
George Quisenberry; R. H. Ramsey; H. W. Richardson;
L. N. Rowley; War Shearer; Ralph Smith; John C.
Spurr; J. C. Stark; Blaine Stubblefield; S. B.
Williams; M. A. Williamson; John D. Wilson;
Robert Wood.

6. Date: 6-9-1948   
Everett, Washington
Mayor Henry Arends
City Commissioner L. H. Uzelman
City Commissioner Artis Whiteley
Ray Farrell, Chairman of County Commissioners
Anders Andersen, County Clerk
John Beck, President, Everett Chamber of Commerce
William Maher, President, Everett Central Labor Council
Merlin Matheny, Engineer, KRKO
Wave S. Folley, Engineer, KRKO
Don Daniel
Vern Mack, Program Mgr., KRKO

7. Date: 9-6-1950   Time: 11:30 am
Mr. Edward C. Baltz, President, President's Cup Regatta Association
Mr. John A. Remon, Honorary President
Mr. Edgar Morris, Vice President
Mr. Bernard C. Hardy
Miss Marilyn O'Neil, Queen of Regatta
Admiral Merlin O'Neil (Father of Queen)
(Extended official invitation to the President to attend Regatta)

8. Date: 12-17-1951   Time: 11:45 am
The President presented the Collier Trophy for 1950
(Presented "for the greatest achievement in aviation in
America, the value of which has been demonstrated in
actual use during the preceding year." It goes to the
Helicopter Industry, represented by Dr. Igor I. Sikorsky;
to the Military Services and the Coast Guard for develop-
ment and use of Rotary-Wing Aircraft for Air Rescue
Operations. Secretary Lovett represented Military Service
and Vice Admiral O'Neill, Commandant, the U.S. Coast
Guard. The following were present:
SIKORSKY, Dr. and Mrs. Igor I., Engineering Manager,
Sikorsky Aircraft, Bridgeport, Conn.
O'NEILL, Vice Adm. Merlin, Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard
LOVETT, Robert A., Secretary of Defense
1951 Collier Trophy Committee:
CASSADY, Vice Adm. John, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (air)
HORNE, C. F., Administrator, Civil Aeronautics Admn.
JOHNSTON, S. Paul, Director, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences
ARNOLD, Brig. Gen., M.W., Vice President, Air Transport Assn.
MacCRACKEN, William P., 1152 National Press Bldg., Wash., D.C.
RAMSEY, Admiral DeWitt C., President, Aircraft Industries Assn.
REESE, C. J., President, Continental Motors Corp.
TALBERT, Ansel L., New York Herald-Tribune
TWINING, Gen. Nathan F., USAF, Vice Chief of Staff
VICTORY, Dr. John F., Executive Sec'y., National Advisory
Committee for Aeronautics
LOGSDON, C. S., Secretary, 1951 Collier Trophy Committee,
National Aeronautic Assn.
GEUTING, Joseph T. Jr., Acting President, Washington, D.C. N.A.A.
WEBSTER, Donald D., General Manager, National Aeronautic Assn.
WINGER, Albert A., Chairman of Board, Crowell-Collier Publishing
BRANTLY, T.L., Vice President, Crowell-Collier Publishing Co.
HILLMAN, Mr. William, Washington Manager, Crowell-Collier Publishing Co.
[Public Papers: Remarks Upon Presenting the Collier Award Trophy for 1950]

9. Date: 6-19-1952   
Ackerman, Clara B. - Washington, D.C.
Ackerman, George W. - Washington, D.C.
Aiton, E. W. - Washington, D.C.
Alampi, Phil - New York, N.Y.
Allen, L. J. - Corvallis, Oregon
Alparez, Ray - Gainesville, Florida
Alpers, Barbara - Smith, Nevada
Alt, Eugene - Spring Green, Wisconsin
Altenburg, Martin C. - Fargo, North Dakota
Alvarez, Warren - Gainesville, Florida
Anderson, Barbara Ann - Coward, South Carolina
Anderson, Eugene - Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Anderson, Kenneth H. - Chicago, Illinois
Andreas, Virginia - Delano, California
Anthony, Ethel - Washington, D.C.
Armstrong, Kathryn - Ephraim, Utah
Aulenbacher, A. D. - Berkeley, California
Ausley, Goldie - Washington, D.C.
Avery, M. H. - Mason, Michigan
Axinn, George - Newark, Delaware

Baaken, Elmaar - New York, N.Y.
Bahe, Karla J. - Hastings, Minnesota
Baker, A. L. - State College, Pennsylvania
Barkley, Charlyne - Seattle, Washington
Barnes, Dorothy M. - North Hampton, New Hampshire
Barr, Ann - Auburn, Alabama
Barrett, Ben H. - Linton, North Dakota
Bartlett, Julia - Caledonia, Minnesota
Baumgardner, Mary Jane - Molt, Minnesota
Beck, Roy C. - Washington, D.C.
Becker, Dick - Woodburn, Indiana
Behler, Evelyn T. - Ferdinand, Idaho
Bell, Betty Jane - Friendship, Tennessee
Bennett, Nancy - Danvers, Massachusetts
Bennett, Ruth Anne - Zachary, Louisiana
Bergman, Vonda - Washington, D.C.
Bertin, Martial - Washington, D.C.
Beymer, Charles L. - Montpelier, Indiana
Bierman, Everett - Washington, D.C.
Bigelow, Dorothy - Washington, D.C.
Bishop, Tena - Amherst, Massachusetts
Blanchard, Evelyn - Washington, D.C.
Bley, Harold - Eden, New York
Blunck, Clarence W. - Dwyer, Wyoming
Boatman, J. L. - Washington, D.C.
Boisseau, Robert A. - Westfield, Massachusetts
Bond, George E. - Kingston, Rhode Island
Bonham, Barbara - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Boone, Robert - McKenzie, North Dakota
Borton, Raymond E. - Lansing, Michigan
Bourne, Elizabeth - Durham, New Hampshire
Bowman, A. E. - Laramie, Wyoming
Boyd, Nancy - Soddy, Tennessee
Bradley, Dorothy - Adairsville, Georgia
Bradshaw, Aubrey L. - Ridgeway, Virginia
Brim, Joyce - Fairfield, Washington
Brown, Marjorie E. - Elkton, Maryland
Brown, Ralph - Mooresville, North Carolina
Brown, Richard - Glover, Vermont
Brown, Shirley - Selma, North Carolina
Brown, W. S. - Athens, Georgia
Brumbaugh, Norma - Stillwater, Oklahoma
Bucci, Frank - North Scituate, Rhode Island
Buck, Regena - Aldie, Virginia
Bullis, Mary E. - Allegan, Michigan
Burgess, Georgia J. - Lowden, Washington
Burkhalter, Glenn F. - Flat Rock, Alabama
Burns, Kathryn VanAken - Urbana, Illinois
Burnside, Barbara - Laramie, Wyoming
Butterhof, Anna - Egg Harbor, New Jersey

Carini, Mary-Hope - Chester, Connecticut
Carlson, Alice - Stillwater, Oklahoma
Carlson, Charles Don - Stockton, New York
Carper, Elsie J. - Washington, D.C.
Case, James R. - Storrs, Connecticut
Cate, Lloyd - Lisbon, New Hampshire
Chambers, Charles - Ryan, Oklahoma
Chan, Gordon - Los Angeles, California
Christensen, Bob - Clarinda, Iowa
Christensen, Erma - Columbus, Kansas
Christians, Charles - Parkersburg, Iowa
Clark, Donald F. - Orange, Connecticut
Clark, Helen L. - Danbury, Connecticut
Clark, Margaret - Raleigh, North Carolina
Clark, W. W. - Madison, Wisconsin
Clayton, H. G. - Gainesville, Florida
Clayton, L. O. - Clemson, South Carolina
Clough, R. S. - Columbia, Missouri
Coke, J. Earl - Berkeley, California
Colby, Elsie L. - Bucksport, Maine
Collings, Mary L. - Washington, D.C.
Collins, Edith - Roseland, Virginia
Comer, Edward - Fernley, Nevada
Connery, Alice - Washington, D.C.
Conway, Walter H. - Washington, D.C.
Cooley, Laura - Berkeley, California
Costner, Nadine - Visalia, California
Couchman, George H., Jr. - Garfield, Kansas
Cowgill, Helen J. - Corvallis, Oregon
Cowing, Amy G. - Washington, D.C.
Craig, James - Peacham, Vermont
Crick, Nelda June - Olla, Louisiana
Cruikshank, Barbara Jean - Delaware, Ohio
Crumm, Carolyn S. - Alfalfa, Oklahoma
Cuevan, Helen K. - Washington, D.C.
Cunningham, Charles H. - Washington, D.C.
Curtis, Frances - Ellicott City, Maryland

Dail, Margaret - Eric, Illinois
Dailey, William C. - Blenheim, South Carolina
Davenport, William - Mount Holly, New Jersey
Davis, Billy - Valdosta, Georgia
Davis, D. Merrill - Jackson, Ohio
Davis, Eleanore - Pullman, Washington
Davis, Helen - Jackson, Ohio
Davis, M. Elizabeth - Duncan, Arizona
Davis, Margaret - Jackson, Ohio
Davis, Mary - Jackson, Ohio
Daerth, Margie - Kingston, Rhode Island
Delap, Bob - Lexington, Nebraska
Dennis, John - Ducor, California
Denton, David N. - Jefferson City, Tennessee
de Pesquera, Ligia Sevillano - Toa Baja-Dorado, Puerto Rico
DeShon, Richard N. - St. Joseph, Missouri
Detlor, Mary - Plainfield, Wisconsin
de Waele, Harriet - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dixon, H. M. - Washington, D.C.
Dodd, Jack P. - Maitland, Florida
Dorsey, C. P. - Morgantown, West Virginia
Dotson, Clifton - Princeton, West Virginia
Downey, Mylo S. - College Park, Maryland
Downing, Chester - Dillon, Montana
Duke, Gene - San Jon, New Mexico
Duke, Stephen B. - Roll, Arizona
Dunn, David H. - Stonington, Connecticut

Eckhardt, Delbert L. - Palmerton Pennsylvania
Ellis, Mollie Ann - West Point, Mississippi
Emerson, Dorothy - College Park, Maryland
English, Charles - Bowling Green, Kentucky
Ernst, Robert F. - Sheridan, Wyoming
Ewald, Beverly - Walcott, North Dakota

Fahning, Marilyn - Wells, Minnesota
Fales, D. B. - Ithaca, New York
Farrar, Jimmy - Shelbyville, Tennessee
Faulconer, Frances - Washington, D.C.
Fenn, Geraldine - Bozeman, Montana
Ferguson, C. M. - Columbus, Ohio
Flynn, Margaret E. - Washington, D.C.
Fogg, Jane - Bridgeton, New Jersey
Folliard, Veronica - Washington, D.C.
Ford, Gordon L. - Hamburg, Arkansas
Foster, George - Washington, D.C.
Freeman, Kenneth - Node, Wyoming
Frutchey, F. P. - Washington, D.C.
Fry, J. M. - State College, Pa.
Frye, Joan - New York, N.Y.
Fuerstenau, Gordon - Richmond, Michigan
Fuquay, John Wade - Snow Camp, North Carolina
Funkhouser, Barbara - Las Cruces, New Mexico

Gaebe, O. F. - Urbana, Illinois
Gallup, Gladys G. - Washington, D.C.
Garrett, Pat A. - Modesto, California
Garside, M. S. - Lexington, Ky.
Gavitt, Alexander, Jr. - Westerly, Rhode Island
Gaylord, Margery E. - Storrs, Connecticut
Germon, Grace - E. Rochester, New Hampshire
Gerwig, Alma - Chapel, West Virginia
Glenn, Melvin W. - Roswell, New Mexico
Glick, Myrtle - Glasgow, Montana
Golson, Barbara Ann - Burkett, Texas
Grace, Martha Jane - Keene, New Hampshire
Grant, Kitty - Davis, Oklahoma
Graves, Lucille - Blacksburg, Virginia
Greene, Jessie - Lincoln, Nebraska
Guilfoil, Nancy Jane - Lexington, Kentucky
Guitteau, Josephine - Thatcher, Arizona
Gulley, Margaret - Lexington, Kentucky
Gwinn, Sam - Newark, Delaware

Haack, Frances - Washington, D.C.
Hackman, Helen - Pittsfield, Illinois
Haines, Mrs. Elsie - Rockville, Maryland
Hall, Florence L. - Washington, D.C.
Hanell, Norma Jean - Bloomington, Illinois
Hanna, John B. - Manhattan, Kansas
Harkness, L. L. - St. Paul, Minnesota
Harrill, L. R. - Raleigh, North Carolina
Harris, Billy J. - Plainview, Texas
Harrison, Martha - Athens, Georgia
Harshfield, H. W. - Columbus, Ohio
Harvey, T. Weed - Washington, D.C.
Haskell, R. J. - Washington, D.C.
Hass, Howard - East Lansing, Michigan
Hembreee, Lilah - LaGrange, Kentucky
Heywood, Eunice - Washington, D.C.
Hightower, William T. - Athens, Louisiana
Hilliard, Jane - West Kingston, R.I.
Hinds, Max K. - Washington, D.C.
Hinote, Jane - Columbia, Missouri
Hobson, Grace - Gooding, Idaho
Hodgson, Merlin - Brookings, South Dakota
Hoefer, Albert - Ithaca, New York
Hoff, Bob - Greeley, Colorado
Holladay, Iva L. - Glasgow, Montana
Holland, Wilbur - Dyersburg, Tennessee
Holstein, Dorothea - Lincoln, Nebraska
Horn, Brent - Pilot Rock, Oregon
Horn, Robert - Lafayette, Alabama
Hogan, Mena - Washington, D.C.
Hopkins, Vera - Washington, D.C.
Hornung, T. G. - Washington, D.C.
Horst, Hulda - Columbus, Ohio
Hosbach, Jeannette - Morgantown, West Virginia
Hoshiko, Paul - Kersey, Colorado
Howes, Billie - Washington, D.C.
Howes, Merle - Washington, D.C.
Hughes, Betty - Charleston, New York
Hull, George - Stillwater, Oklahoma
Humphreys, Gertrude - Morgantown, West Virginia
Hunton, E. C. - Washington, D.C.
Hutchinson, John D., Jr. - Blacksburg, Virginia
Hutchinson, Richard - Thorp, Washington
Hutton, Burton - Corvallis, Oregon

Ito, Mabel - Kahului, Hawaii

Jans, Fred C. - Washington, D.C.
Jenni, Albert Joe - Lewistown, Montana
Jerome, Donnell - Kuna, Idaho
Jex, Elizabeth - Washington, D.C.
Johnson, Carmen - Fort Collins, Colorado
Johnson, Connie Lou - Denver, Colorado
Johnson, Eloise - Rock Hill, South Carolina
Johnson, Martin III - Laurel, Delaware
Johnson, Paul - Chicago, Illinois
Johnson, Smiley Eugene - State College, Mississippi
Johnson, Tommie Lou - Deerfield Beach, Florida
Johnson, Virginia - Sturgis, South Dakota
Johnston, Juanita - Preemption, Illinois
Jones, Keith - Lansing, West Virginia
Jones, Lila Anne - Dallas, Georgia
Jones, L. I. - Washington, D.C.
Jones, R. C. - Washington, D.C.
Jones, Tiny Faye - State College, New Mexico
Jugenheimer, Delma - Davenport, Iowa

Kauffman, Ralph - Atlanta, Indiana
Keesling, W. F., Jr. - Lovettsville, Virginia
Keil, Barbara Ann - Hot Springs, Arkansas
Keil, Paul - Murray, Utah
Kennedy, Clayton - Washington, D.C.
Kennedy, James - Washington, D.C.
Kepner, P. V. - Washington, D.C.
Kettunen, A. G. - East Lansing, Michigan
Klusman, Roger - New Salem, North Dakota
Knowlen, Audrey - East Holden, Maine
Korslund, Mary - Eagle Grove, Iowa
Krans, Cynthia - Iron River, Michigan
Krukley, Virginia - Shirley, Massachusetts
Krutzfeldt, Erwin - Wolsey, South Dakota

LaBrie, Mrs. Castle S. - Turton, South Dakota
LaBrie, John Arthur - Turton, South Dakota
LaBrie, Marilyn N. - Turton, South Dakota
LaBrie, Marvel - Turton, South Dakota
LaBrie, Victor O. - Turton, South Dakota
Landis, Arlene - Pipersville, Pennsylvania
Lantrip, Dewey - Little Rock, Arkansas
Lee, Mary Jean - Storrs, Connecticut
Lehmann, W. G. - Washington, D.C.
Leighton, Martha - Ithaca, New York
Lennox, J. A. - Ithaca, New York
Leonard, Jo Ann - Price, Utah
Lewis, Alice - Washington, D.C.
Lewis, Mary Faith - Washington, D.C.
Leyda, Leota - Cleveland, Ohio
Lineweaver, G. A. - Ames, Iowa
Linn, Alice - Washington, D.C.
Lloyd, Walter A. - Washington, D.C.
Loenning, Dianne - Haines, Oregon
Logan, C. A. - Washington, D.C.
Loggans, Winifred - Battle Creek, Michigan
Logue, Hanchey - Auburn, Alabama
Long, Eldon - Oldtown, Maryland
Lovejoy, Kenneth C. - Orono, Maine
Lowe, Edward - Forest Hill, West Virginia
Lowenstein, Duane - Lincoln, Nebraska
Luce, David - Farmington, Maine
Luensmann, Benno - Marion, Texas
Lugo, Carmen Celeste - Penuelas, Puerto Rico
Lyle, S. P. - Washington, D.C.
Lynch, Floyd - College Station, Texas
Lynde, Lydia - Washington, D.C.

Mack, Betty M. - Sharpes, Florida
Malcolm, Mrs. Ola Powell - Washington, D.C.
Marshall, Ada - New York, N.Y.
Marston, Burton - Laramie, Wyoming
Martin, Mildred P. - Washington, D.C.
Martin, Richard - Lynchburg, Virginia
Masumoto, Sachiko - Kaneohe, Hawaii
Mautz, Rosemary Ann - Marion, Ohio
May, Patricia - Barton, Vermont
McBurney, Dean - Bethesda, Ohio
McCormick, Lorene - Vincennes, Indiana
McGaugh, Velma - Manhattan, Kansas
McHugh, Helen - Nevada, Missouri
McKee, Kenneth - Tucson, Arizona
McKnight, Bobbie - Parkin, Arkansas
McMillan, L. J. - Fort Collins, Colorado
McNair, Leon M. - Chicago, Illinois
McPhail, Bettye Garner - Columbia, Mississippi
Meadows, Jesse R. - West Point, Georgia
Meenach, C. T. - Pullman, Washington
Melvin, John - Washington, Ohio
Merchant, John - Burlington, Vermont
Merritt, Delbert - Elkhorn, Nebraska
Michaelis, W. H. - Washington, D.C.
Mileham, H. P. - Washington, D.C.
Miles, Wilva - Burke, South Dakota
Miller, Sam - Milford, Kansas
Milligan, Jamie B. - Washington, D.C.
Minto, Vrle T. - Eagleville, California
Mitchell, Everett - Chicago, Illinois
Mixon, Eugene A. - Bradenton, Florida
Myashira, Nancy - Haiku, Hawaii
Monosmith, R. O. - State College, Mississippi
Monroe, Cal G. - Corvallis, Oregon
Montague, Sidney - Northampton, Massachusetts
Morgan, Leroy - Bridgeville, Pennsylvania
Moss, Claudette - Simpsonville, Kentucky
Mullins, Robert - Chicago, Illinois
Murphy, Virginia - Indianapolis, Indiana

Nagahire, Jean - Kapaa, Hawaii
Needham, Alice - Roanoke, Alabama
Nelson, Emmie - Chicago, Illinois
Nichols, Leslie - Washington, D.C.
Niederfrank, E. J. - Washington, D.C.
Noble, G. L. - Chicago, Illinois
Northridge, Donna L. - Luverne, North Dakota
Norton, Florence E. - Washington, D.C.

Oberg, Clara M. - St. Paul, Minnesota
Oliver, Eula Nell - Little Rock, Arkansas
Olmstead, Anna - Holcomb, New York
Olson, Andrew - Traverse, Michigan
O'Quin, J. M. - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Ottosen, Jack - Stockton, Illinois

Pace, George P. - Washington, D.C.
Parrish, Nancy Faith - Portales, New Mexico
Parsons, Carolyn - Washington, D.C.
Peck, Robert - Clinton, New York
Perry, Franklin S. - Gainesville, Florida
Perry, Phyllis C. - Eldred, Pennsylvania
Peterman, Norma Jo - Miami, Missouri
Peterson, Arden - East Lansing, Michigan
Peterson, Benjamin - Fort Ripley, Minnesota
Phegley, Sara Sue - Carlisle, Indiana
Phillips, Virginia Lee - Horton, Alabama
Pierson, Dorothy L. - Hockessin, Delaware
Pippin, Bubber, Albany, Georgia
Porter, George - Washington, D.C.
Potter, Charles E. - Washington, D.C.
Power, Gertrude - Washington, D.C.
Prescott, Robert - Sanford, Maine
Prout, Helen - Fort Collins, Colorado

Ramseyer, Erma - Warren, Ohio
Raterman, Dene - Chicago, Illinois
Rawlings, Irlene - Eureka, Kansas
Reaves, C. V. - Gainesville, Florida
Reed, Velma Jean - Cheyenne, Wyoming
Reese, Madge J. - Washington, D.C.
Reinat, A. Mayoral - Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
Ricks, Helen - Blacksburg, Virginia
Risinger, Georgene - Indiana, Pennsylvania
Rivera, Ambrosia - Camuy, Puerto Rico
Rivers, Lillian D. - Chesterfield, South Carolina
Roark, Fae - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Robinson, James L. - Washington, D.C.
Rodriguez, Ampara - Toa Alta, Puerto Rico
Rokahr, Mary - Washington, D.C.
Ropp, Gordon - Normal, Illinois
Ross, Charlotte - Rochester, Illinois
Rowe, Laura - Arvada, Colorado
Rowe, Pauline - Burlington, Vermont
Rugland, Esther - Ames, Iowa
Rutherford, Beverly - Corvallis, Oregon

Sample, James, Jr. - Spring Valley, California
Sanborn, Mary L. - Durham, New Hampshire
Sanders, H. C. - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Sanford, Geneva - Valley Springs, South Dakota
Santos, Aida - Juncos, Puerto Rico
Savage, Margaret - Washington, D.C.
Schlup, L. A. - Washington, D.C.
Schmidt, Warren - Washington, D.C.
Schneider, Clarice - Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Schneider, Ellis - Waterville, Washington
Scott, Aubrey - Knoxville, Tennessee
Scucius, Elaine - Washington, D.C.
Seamans, Warren - Fort Collins, Colorado
Searl, Anna - Urbana, Illinois
Seften, E. H. - Washington, D.C.
Sellers, Bennie J. - Hattiesburg, Mississippit
Senecal, Mary - Rutland, Vermont
Shanklin, F. M. - Lafayette, Indiana
Sharp, David, Jr. - Logan, Utah
Sharp, Percy III - Mooringsport, Louisiana
Shaver, Joan Claire - Goodland, Kansas
Shields, Dorothy M. - Marble, North Carolina
Shinn, E. H. - Washington, D.C.
Shipley, Fern - Logan, Utah
Shrader, H. L. - Washington, D.C.
Simons, Steve D. - Gainesville, Florida
Slagle, Shirley - Grant, Nebraska
Smith, Agnes - Salina, Kansas
Smith, Dorothy - New Brunswick, New Jersey
Smith, Elizabeth - Washington, D.C.
Smith, Mabel - Chicago, Illinois
Smith, Mary Frances - Lafayette, Indiana
Smith, Romaine - Birmingham, Alabama
Sommers, Marie L. - Napa, California
Sowder, A. M. - Washington, D.C.
Sowell, Melvin - McBee, South Carolina
Sparks, John M. - Phoenix, Arizona
Sproesser, Ruth M. - Washington, D.C.
Stalnaker, Julia - Weston, West Virginia
Stern, Estelle - Washington, D.C.
Stevens, Lorene - Tallahassee, Florida
Stevens, Margaret - Orono, Maine
Stormont, John L. - Honolulu, Hawaii
Stout, Donald Ray - Buechel, Kentucky
Strickland, Wilma Dell -Chireno, Texas
Strombeck, Lloyd G. - Owego, New York
Stuart, H. O. - Kingston, Rhode Island
Sudweeks, Max - Kingston, Utah
Sutton, W. A. - Athens, Georgia
Swann, Sallie - State College, Mississippi
Switzer, Mary - Buffalo, New York

Taff, P. C. - Ames, Iowa
Tatum, Virginia - Washington, D.C.
Taylor, H. B. - Lafayette, Indiana
Tenley, C. S. - Washington, D.C.
Thackrey, Russell I. - Washington, D.C.
Thomas, Van - McCrory, Arkansas
Thompson, Melvin - Ravenna, Michigan
Thornhill, Paul - Gainesville, Florida
Tolderlund, Ann - Newport, Rhode Island
Toleman, Edith - Washington, D.C.
Tompkins, Eleanore G. - Camden, New Jersey
Tonkin, Joseph D. - Washington, D.C.
Tootell, R. B. - Bozeman, Montana
Trabert, Elsie - State College, Pennsylvania
Trabue, Elsie - Storrs, Connecticut
Troeger, L. E. - Chicago, Illinois
Tsuha, Robert - Kaneohe, Hawaii
Tupper, Donald - Junius, South Dakota
Turner, Allan - Windsor, Massachusetts
Turner, R. A. - Evart, Michigan
Turrentine, Carolyn - Woodbine, Tennessee
Tyree, Lou Alice - Prescott, Arkansas

Ullrey, Ann - Niles, Michigan

Vanderveen, John - Oxford, New Jersey
Vander Weide, Nicholas - Paterson, New Jersey
VanLandinham, Eugenia P. - Tarboro, North Carolina
Van Pelt, Ralph E. - Corning, Iowa
Varney, V. V. - Madison, Wisconsin

Wadleigh, C. B. - Durham, New Hampshire
Wallace, Maude - Blacksburg, Virginia
Walrath, David - Hagerstown, Maryland
Warren, Daniel E. - Moscow, Idaho
Warren, Gertrude - Washington, D.C.
Warren, Janice - Spring Hope, North Carolina
Warren, Mattie - Washington, D.C.
Watson, Madeline - West Point, Nebraska
Watts, Warren - Mont Vernon, New Hampshire
Welch, C. Herman - Washington, D.C.
Westrate, Ben - East Lansing, Michigan
White, Elmina - Pullman, Washington
Whitesel, Jack - El Dorado Springs, Missouri
Williams, Carolyn - Washington, D.C.
Williams, Mrs. Henry - Grosse Point, Michigan
Williams, Nancy - Ruffin, South Carolina
Willis, J. C. - Chesterfield, South Carolina
Willson, Allene M. - Bozeman, Montana
Wilson, Hansel L. - Cartersville, Georgia
Wilson, M. C. - Washington, D.C.
Wilson, M. L. - Washington, D.C.
Wilson, W. S. - College Park, Maryland
Wines, Erma P. - College Station, Texas
Wintermute, Louise - Blockton, Iowa
Winters, Rollyn P. - New Brunswick, New Jersey
Wipper, Jerry - Turner, Oregon
Wolfe, Edgar W. - New York, N.Y.
Wolfe, Marie - East Lansing, Michigan
Wolff, Howard - Kendrick, Idaho
Woods, Irene - Ardmore, Oklahoma

Yamaoka, Ronald - Laupahoehoe, Hawaii
Yates, Dickie - Beaver, Oklahoma
York, Charles - Fallon, Nevada
Young, Margaret Ann - Westminster, Maryland
Young, Steward D. - Westminister, Maryland

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