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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Tuesday, January 13, 1953
    [Public Papers: Letter in Response to Report by the Chairman, National Security Resources Board]
    [Public Papers: Letter Accepting Resignation of Charles Sawyer as Secretary of Commerce]
    [Public Papers: Special Message to the Congress Transmitting Report of the President's Commission on Immigration and Naturalization]
9:30 am (Mr. James Daleo) OFF THE RECORD
9:45 am (Mr. Carlton Kent of Chicago Sun)
(Mr. Tubby brought him in OFF THE RECORD.)
10:00 am (Staff)
11:00 am Honorable Edmond Hanrahan
(To pay respects and say goodbye)
11:15 am Senator Tom Connally, Texas
(Called late yesterday to request this)
11:30 am Honorable Charles Brannan, the Secretary of Agriculture
Mr. James Patton, President, National Farmers Union
(Mr. Patton asked for this, stating the Secretary of Agriculture
wanted to accompany him.)
11:45 am Congresswoman Elizabeth Kee, of West Virginia
James Kee, son
(Mrs. Kee asked if might come in with son and tell the
President goodbye)
12:00 pm Honorable Georgia Neese Clark, Treasurer of the United States
Honorable Mabelle Kennedy, Assistant Treasurer
(Asked if might come in to say goodbye)
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
3:00 pm Honorable Jack Gorrie, Chairman, N.S.R.B. and Mr. Edmond Welch
(Asked for fifteen minutes today)
3:15 pm Congressman Robert Crosser, of Ohio
(Called Mr. Connelly last week and asked for this)
3:30 pm The President received the Joint Chiefs of Staff:
General Omar N. Bradley, Chairman, Joint Chiefs
General J. Lawton Collins, Chief of Staff, USA
Admiral William M. Fechteler, Cheif of Naval Operations
General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Chief of Staff, USAF
General Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr., USMC
(Asked if might call and pay respects.)
7:00 pm (The President attended a Little Cabinet Dinner at Anderson

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