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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, February 27, 1947
8:30 am (Mr. Augustus Vincent Tack--artist)
10:00 am The Secretary of State [George C. Marshall]
The Under Secretary of State
Senator Tom Connally, Texas; Senator Styles Bridges
Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg, Michigan
Speaker Joseph W. Martin, Jr.
Congressman Charles A. Eaton, New Jersey
Congressman Sol Bloom, New York
Congressman Sam Rayburn, Texas
(The President asked them to come in)
10:30 am Senator Arthur V. Watkins, Utah
Mr. David J. Wilson
(Requested this through Mr. Leslie Biffle)
10:45 am Lt. General Ira C. Eaker and the members of the Rescue
Ship which flew to Greenland and brought off the
fliers: they are:
First Lieutenant Bobby Joe Cavnar, Pilot
First Lieutenant Fred Sporer, Co-pilot
First Lieutenant Wm. A. Seward, Jr., Navigator
Technical Sgt. Walter L. Hustus, Flight Engineer
Technical Sgt. John H. Schuffert, Radio Operator
Pvt.1st Class Charles J. Erchak, Second Flight
Captain Herbert G. Dorsey (not a member of the crew)
11:00 am Miss Katherine C. Blackburn
(Arranged by Mr. Charles Ross)
11:15 am Honorable James Webb, Director, Bureau of the Budget
(Phoned Mr. Matthew Connelly for this appointment)
11:30 am (Mr. and Mrs. Alden Hatch)
(Wrote biography of President Roosevelt, published
last month. Liberty Magazine ran part of this book
and had commissioned Mr. Hatch to do a biographical
feature about the President in same informal,
friendly vein. Mr. Hatch asked to bring Mrs. Hatch
as she is co-author. Off record)
11:45 am The President received a group from the American
Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service,
as follows:
Mr. William L. Batt, Member of Advisory Committee
Dr. Joseph P. Chamberlain, Chairman, American Council
Mr. Cornelius Kruse, American Friends Service
Mr. Harold Linder, American Jewish Joint Distribution
Mr. Francis P. Matthews, War Relief Services,
National Catholic Welfare Conference
Dr. Leslie B. Moss, Church World Service, Inc.
Mr. Arthur C. Ringland, Executive Director of the
Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid
Mr. Spyros Skouras, Greek War Relief Association, Inc.
(Mr. Ringland, the Director, wrote Mr. Niles that
Mr. Charles P. Taft, Chairman, Advisory Committee
on Voluntary Aid felt a delegation of the American
Council should meet with the President and inform
him of the work of the member agencies in the field
of voluntary relief abroad. They furnished us with
their statement to the President and a suggested
statement for the President to make to them.)
    [Public Papers: Remarks to Representatives of the American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service]
12:00 pm The President presented the Harmon Trophy to
Mr. Juan T. Trippe. The following were present:
General Carl Spaatz, Chief of the Army Air Forces
Rear Admiral H. B. Sallada, Chief of the Bureau
of Aeronautics of the Navy
Honorable Wm. A. M. Burden, Assistant Secretary of Commerce
Honorable John L. Sullivan, Under Secretary of the Navy
Brig. General Turner A. Sims, Aide to Asst. Secy. Symington
Colonel J. Carroll Cone; Hon. James M. Landis
Lt. General Hoyt S. Vandenberg
Major S. de Seversky
Mrs. Juan Trippe; Mr. William P. McEvoy
Mr. Harold Bixby, V. P., Pan American Airlines
Colonel Charles W. Kerwood
Mr. Samuel F. Pryor, Assistant to Mr. Trippe
12:15 pm H.E. Senor Don Julio Ortega Frier, The Ambassador
of the Dominican Republic
(Newly appointed)
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:15 pm Congressman John Taber, New York
(His office phoned late yesterday to say he could
not make the ten o'clock appointment with the
Secretary of State [George C. Marshall], et al., but would come at this
3:30 pm Honorable Herbert Hoover
Dr. Julius Klein
(To report on recent trip abroad to make food survey)

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Truman and group from American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service

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