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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, April 11, 1947
8:30 am (Mr. Augustus Tack - artist)
10:00 am (Mr. Felix Belair of New York Times and a photographer)
(N.Y. Times running an article on the President and
want in that connection to have connection to have picture
of the President and Mr. Belair together)
10:45 am (Mr. and Mrs. P. J. McDonough)
11:00 am The President received group of Indians representing four
tribes, namely: Omaha, Winnebago, Santes Sioux and Ponca,
selected by the four Tribal Councils to come to Washington
to appear officially before the House Committee on Public
Lands, and also, before a Committee in the Senate having
to do with Indian Affairs. Asked through Cong. Karl Stefan
if they might pay respects to the President during their
stay. The following were present:
Omaha Tribe:
Charles A. Walker, Chairman of the Council
Charles J. Springer, Secretary
Amos L. Lamson, Member of Tribe
Otto Birdhead, President of the Board
Joseph LeRoy, Member of the Tribe
Santa Sioux:
David Frazier, Chairman of the Council
Thomas H. Kitto, Member of the Tribe
Frank Beaver, Chairman of the Council
William St. Cyr, Vice Chairman
Mr. James Denney, Secretary to Congressman Stefan
Miss Betty Askren, aged 9, granddaughter of the Congressman
11:15 am Hon. Colgate Darden, Jr., former Governor of Virginia
(Wired the President on April 4th:"You will be asked
shortly to name a Federal Judge for the Eastern
District of Virginia. I would deeply appreciate the
opportunity of seeing you for a few minutes in the
interst of one of the gentlemen recommended by the
Senators from Virginia."
11:30 am (Mr. Blevins Davis)
(Is seeing Mrs. Truman first and will then be brought
over to office, OFF RECORD, to see the President)
11:45 am Hon. James Webb, Director, Bureau of the Budget
(Asked Mr. Connelly for this brief appointment)
12:00 pm Hon. Edgar E. Witt, Chairman, Indian Claims Commission
Hon. William M. Holt, Member
Hon. Louis J. O'Marr, Member
(Were confirmed April 8th, took oaths at Capital yesterday
and asked through Mr. Schoeneman if it would be possible
for them to pay their respects to the President today)
12:15 pm H.E. Ali Lawdat, the Ambassador of Iraq
(Newly appointed, to present credentials - copies of exchange
of letters and brief biographical sketch attached herewith
for the President's information.)
12:30 pm (Mr. Charles E. Wilson, President of General Electric)
(Mr. Potter, Vice Pres. of General Electric, called
Mr. Connelly from New York yesterday, to ask if Mr. Wilson
could see the President today, OFF RECORD, East Entrance.)
12:45 pm Carl Sandburg
1:00 pm (Lunch downstairs in Executive Office)
3:20 pm (Honorable Garrison Norton, Assistant Secretary of State
for Air)

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