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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, April 16, 1947
10:15 am (Hon. James K. Vardaman, Jr.)
(Postponed from Monday)
10:30 am Cong. William G. Stigler, Okla.
Cong. George Blaine Schwabe, Okla.
Cong. Carl Albert, Okla.
Cong. Glen D. Johnson, Okla.
Cong. A. S. Mike Monroney, Okla.
Cong. Toby Morris, Okla.
Cong. Preston E. Peden, Okla.
Cong. Ross Risley, Okla.
(Cong. Stigler asked for this appointment for the
Oklahoma Delegation from House of Representatives
to call on the President to invite him to attend dedi-
cation ceremonies of the Grand River Dam, to be held
May 3rd.)
10:45 am (Mr. Louis McGee)
11:00 am Dr. Robert L. Gulick, Jr., Secy. Treasurer, the Committee
on International Economic Policy
(Wrote Mr. Matthew Connelly from University of California,
where he is with Teaching Institute of Economics,
asking he might call on the President while in East.
Committee on International Economic Policy is sending
him to Geneva in connection with the International
Trade Organization negotiations, and will also travel
to Egypt, Palestine, Iraq and Iran)
11:15 am (The Secretary of War [Robert P. Patterson])
(The Secretary of the Navy [James Forrestal])
(Hon. David Lilienthal)
(Admiral William D. Leahy)
(This arranged by Admiral William D. Leahy)
12:00 pm The President received the Democratic National Committeeman,
Committeewomen, State Chairmen and Vice Chairmen from the
States of Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island.
The following people attended:
Mrs. Mary C. Hausman, National Committeewomen, Connecticut
Hon. John M. Bailey, State Chairman, Connecticut
Mrs. Dorothy Satti, Vice Chairman, Connecticut
Mrs. Hazel Thrall Sullivan, Connecticut
Mrs. Katherine Quinn, Connecticut
Hon. Frank Hague, National Committeeman,New Jersey
Hon. Mary T. Norton, National Committeewoman, New Jersey
Hon. Edward J. Hart, State Chairman, New Jersey
Hon. Thelma P. Sharp, Vice Chairman, New Jersey
Hon. Edward J. Flynn, National Committeeman, New York
Mrs. William H. Good, National Committeewoman, New York
Hon. Paul E.Fitzpatrick, State Chairman, New York
Miss Doris I. Byrne, Vice Chairman, New York
Hon. Theodore F. Green, National Committeeman, Rhode Island
Mrs. Margaret M. Sullivan, National Committeewoman, Rhode Island
Mrs. Mary E. Halbritter, Vice Chairman
Stephan A. Fanning, Treasurer
Frederic C. Kilguss, Secretary, Rhode Island
12:30 pm The President signed H.R. 1943, "To establish a permanent
Nurse Corps of the Army and the Navy." The following people
were present:
Maj. Gen. Norman T. Kirk, Surgeon General of the Army
Col. Florence Blanchfield, Superintendent, Army Nurse Corps
Major H. C. Burns, WAC, Director of Dietitians
Major E. E. Vogel, WAC, Director of Physiotherapists
Rear Admiral C. A. Swanson, Surgeon General of the Navy
Commander Ruth B. Dunbar, Asst. to the Superintendent, Navy
Nurse Corps
Hon. Margaret Chase Smith, Chairman of Subcommittee on
Hospitalization and Health
Cong. Jack Z. Anderson, California
Cong. George J. Bates, Massachusetts
Cong. Carl R. Durham, N.C.
Cong. L. Mendel Rivers, S.C.
Cong. R. Ewing Thomason, Texas
Rear Admiral W. Pugh
1:00 pm (Lunch)

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