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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, April 17, 1947
10:00 am (Mr. Charles McGowan, International President, Shipbuilders
of America)
(Mr. Tom Evans will bring in OFF RECORD thru East Entrance)
10:15 am Congressman Emanuel Celler of New York
(Phoned Mr. Connelly Monday to ask for this in order to
discuss with the President the Federal Judicial situation
in New York)
10:30 am The President received the following group representing
the Housing Legislation Information Service:
Mr. David Krooth, Co-Chairman
Mr. Lawrence Cox, of Natl. Public Housing Conference
Mr. Philip Schiff, Head of Jewish Welfare, D.C.
Mr. Shelton Tapps, of Detroit, representing Automobile Workers
and CIO
Mrs. Catherine Stone, Acting Pres. Natl. League of Women Voters
Miss Caroline Ware
Mr. Boris Shishkin, of AFofL
Mr. Omar Ketchum, VFW
Mr. Lee F. Johnson, Exec. Vice President of Natl. Public Housing
Rev. Thomas Keehn, Legislative Secy. Counsel for Action of
(Mr. Johnson of Natl. Public Housing Conf. Inc., wrote
Mr. Connelly that Member organizations of the Housing
Legislation Information Service had asked him to request
this appointment with the President. Mr. Connelly checked
with Frank R. Creedon, Housing Expediter, who recommended
that the President see, and furnished some material he
thought the President might wish to use in seeing these
gentlemen. Material attached herewith as well as Mr.
Creedon's letter.)
11:00 am The President received group of amputees who gave half-hour
demonstration of prosthetic devices. Following attended:
Hon. Robert P. Patterson
General Omar N. Bradley
Mr. Tracy S. Voorhees, Special Asst. to Secretary of War
Dr. Detlev W. Bronk, Chrmn., National Research Council
Dr. Paul E. Klopsteg, Chrmn., Committee on Articicial Limbs
Dr. Paul B. Magnuson, Acting Asst. Med. Director for Research
and Education, VA
Brig. Gen. F.S. Strong, Jr., Executive Director Committee
of Artificial Limbs
Col. John Thomas Taylor
Following amputees:
Lonnie Carberry, Veteran Army, enlisted man
Gordon Warner, Veteran Marine, Lt. Colonel
Frank Irish
Leo J. Qualiotto, Army enlisted man
Snowden Smith, III, Veteran, Army Captain
Walter W. Sullivan, Army enlisted man
William H. Nelson, Army enlisted man
Colonel Robert S. Allen, Consultant to Committee (Army)
Sergeant Beamon
Private McGonegal
PFC Richard J. Collins
Captain John B.Minnick, USMC
Captain Edward C. Edwards
Mr. Capasa
Mr. Rossoff
Mr. McKennon
Mr. Hennessey
Mr. McCulley
11:30 am Mr. Milton Reynolds
Captain Wm. Odum
Mr. T. Carroll Sallee
(Did not reach here as early yesterday as originally planned,
so the President's reception of them postponed until today.)
11:45 am (Mr. Sam Jackson and son)
(Former Senator, phoned Mr. Connelly from Fort Wayne,
Indiana, Wednesday, to ask for this, will come OFF RECORD)
12:00 pm The President presented the Collier's Congressional Awards
to the Senator and the Representative selected by the Award
Committee. The following attended:
Senator Robert M. LaFollette, Senatorial Winner
Mrs. LaFollette, Wife of Senatorial Winner
Joseph LaFollette, Son of Senatorial Winner
Bronson LaFollette, Son of Senatorial Winner
Representative Jesse P. Wolcott, House Winner
Mrs. Wolcott, Wife of House Winner
Jesse P. Wolcott, Jr., Son of House Winner
Dr. Alajandro F. Castro, Nephew of House Winner
Mrs. Castro, Niece of House Winner
David Dubinsky, Member of Awards Committee
Colonel Jay Taylor, Member of Awards Committee
Dr. Channing Tobias, Member of Awards Committee
Miss Josephine Roche, Member of Awards Committee
Chester C. Davis, Chairman of Awards Committee
Albert S. Goss, Member of Awards Committee
Palmer Hoyt, Member of Awards Committee
Eric Johnston, Member of Awards Committee
Robert W. Watt, Member of Awards Committee
Mrs. Jay Taylor, Wife of Committee Member
Mrs. Chester C. Davis, Wife of Committee Chairman
Norman H. Davis, Son and Assistant to Committee Chairman
Thomas Beck, Crowell-Collier Company
A.E. Winger, Crowell-Collier Company
William L. Chenery, Crowell-Collier
Walter Davenport, Crowell-Collier Company
Joe Alex Morris, Crowell-Collier Company
Richard Chaplin, Crowell-Collier Company
Robert A. Wilkinson, Crowell-Collier Company
Herman Hettinger, Crowell-Collier Company
Gurney Williams, Crowell-Collier Company
Robert Foster, Crowell-Collier Company
William Hillman, Crowell-Collier Company
Robert DeVore, Crowell-Collier Company
Frank Gervasi, Crowell-Collier Company
James C. Gervasi, Crowell-Collier Company
James C. Derieux, Crowell-Collier Company
Sam Derieux, Crowell-Collier Company
C.F. Norsworthy, Crowell-Collier Company
E. A. Schirmer, Crowell-Collier Company
Hans Knopf, Photographer for Crowell-Collier Company
Louis Ruppel
Arlene Davis
George Creel
12:30 pm Honorable Honorable Dean Acheson, the Acting Secretary of State
(Usual Thursday appointment)
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
(Downstairs in Executive Office)
3:45 pm The President received Member of the American Society of
Newspaper Editors. The following attended:
Dean Carl W. Ackerman, Graduate School of Journalism, New York City
Joseph Adams, Rochester Times-Union
Joseph Agor, Shamokin (Pa.) News-Dispatch
Frank R. Ahlgren, Memphis Commerical-Appeal
Robert W. Akers, Beamont Enterprise
Laurance Angel, Mt. Vernon (N.Y.) Argus
A. Y. Aronson, Louisville Times
Harry S. Ashmore, Charlotte News
Edw. T. Austin, San Diego Union and Tribune-Sun
W. A. Bailey, Kansas City, Kansan
J. R. Benham, Terre Haute, Tribune-Star
Thomas J. Barrigan, Niagara Falls Gazette
Harry Bingham, Louisville-Courier-Journall and Times
Tams Bixby, Jr., Muskogee (Okla) Phoenix and Times-Democrat
L. R. Blanchard, Gannett Newspaper, Rochester, New York
Paul Block, Jr., Toledo Blade and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Manchester Boddy, Los Angeles News
Warren S. Booth, Booth Newspapers, Detroit
Harry Boyd, Cedar Rapids Gazette
Henry D. Bradley, St. Joseph (Mo.) News-Press and Gazette
Michael Bradshaw, Toledo Blade
Raymond Brewster, Huntington (W. Va.) Herald-Dispatch
Frederick Brinkerhoff, Pittsburg (Kan.) Sun and Headlight
Russell Brihey, Louisville Courier-Journal
Robert Brown, Editor and Publisher, New York City
Sevellon Brown, Providence Journal & Evening Bulletin
Wright Bryan, Atlanta Journal
Geo. A. Buchanan, Columbia (S.C.) Record
I. Z. Buckwalter, Lancaster (Pa.) Newspapers
A. T. Burch, Chicago Daily News
Fred W. Burgner, Trenton Times Newspapers
Arnold Burnett, Period Journal-Transcript
Arthur B. Burrowes, St. Joseph (Mo.) News-Press & Gazette
Erwin D. Canham, Christian Science Monitor
George Carmack, Houston Press
Benjamin H. Carroll, White Plains (N.Y.) Reporter-Dispatch
Hodding Carter, Delta Times-Democrat, Greenville, Miss.
John H. Carter, Lancaster (Pa.) New Era
Harold Cassill, Spokane Chronicle
Judson Chapman, Greenville (S.C.) Piedmont
Wm. T. Christian, Richmond News-Leader
Fred C. Christopherson, Sioux Falls Argus-Leader
Conrad Church, Pontiac Press
Richard Clarke, New York News
Frank Clarvoe, San Francisco News
John H. Cline, Washington Star
Frank C. Clough, Speidel Newspapers, Palo Alto, California
Ralph Coghlan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Wm J. Conners, Buffalo Courier-Express
Herbert F. Corn, Washington Star
George A. Cornish, New York Herald Tribune
John Cowles, Minneapolis Star and Tribune
George S. Crandall, Elmira Star-Gazette
Edw. Crane, Burlington (Vt.) Free Press
Marvin H. Creager, Milwaukee Journal
Francis Croasdalex, Atlantic City Press-Union
Elmer Cunningham, Wilmington Journal Every-Evening
V. Y. Dallman, Illinois State Register, Springfield
Virginius Dabney, Richmond Times-Dispatch
Wm. O. Dapping, Auburn (N.Y.) Citizen-Advertiser
J. Albert Dear, Jersey Journal, Jersey City, N. J.
E. Z. Dimitman, Chicago Sun
Charles G. Dobbins, Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser
James E. Doran, Schenectady, Union-Star
Alvand C. Dunkleberger, Nashville Banner
Lee Ellmaker, Philadelphia News
V. E. Fairbanks, St. Paul Dispatch and Pioneer Press
Lloyd Felmly, Newark Evening News
J. Donald Ferguson, Milwaukee Journal
Melvin F. Ferguson, Philadelphia Bulletin
Marshall Field, Chicago Sun
Richard J. Finnegan, Chicago Times
Harold Fitzgerald, Pontiac Press
Mr. Fitzpatrick, Salt Lake Tribune-Telegram
Frank R. Ford, Evansville Press
Clayton Fritchey, New Orleans Item
Julio Garson, La Prensa, New York City
W. S. Gilmore, Detriot News
Robert Glass, Lynchburg News
Michel A. Gorman, Flint Journal
Dale H. Gramley, Bethlehem Globe-Times
J. S. Gray, Monroe (Mich.) News
Mat Gray, New Orleans Times-Picayune
C. Sylvester Green, Durham Herald
Charles Edw. Green, Austin American-Statesman
A. O. H. Grier, Wilmington Journal-Every Evening
Geo. Grimes, Oxnard (Calif.) Press-Courier
Carl D. Groat, Cincinnati Post
J. A. Guthrie, San Bernardino Sun
Horace Hall, Dothan (Ala.) Eagle
Tom Hanes, Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch
John P. Harris, Hutchinson News & Herald, Hutchinson, Kansas
Tom C. Harris, St. Petersburg Times
Houston Harte, San Angelo Standard-Times
Harold Hartely, Toledo Times
Geo. W. Healy, Jr., New Orleans Times-Picayune
J. N. Heiskell, Arkansas Gazette, Little Rock
C. C. Hemenway, Hartford Times
N. G. Henthorne, Tulsa World
John R. Herbert, Quincy Patriot Ledger
Alfred G. Hill, Chester (Pa.) Times
Lee Hills, Miami Herald
Robert M. Hitt, Jr., Charleston Post
Mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby, Houston Post
Philip Hochstein, Newark Star-Ledger
Arthur L. Hodges, Nassau Review-Star
Lynn H. Holcomb, Akron Beason Journal
F. J. Hooten, El Paso Times
L. D. Hotchkiss, Los Angeles Times
Lewis R. Hovey, Beverly (Mass.) Evening Times
Jack R. Howard, Scripps-Howard Newspapers, New York
Nathaniel R. Howard, Cleveland News
Richard Hudson, Alabama Journal and Montgomery Advertiser
Walter R. Humphrey, Fort Worth Press
Wesley Izzard, Amarillo (Tex.) News-Globe
James S. Jackson, Akron Beacon Journal
Philip L. Jackson, Oregon Journal, Portland
John F. James, Johnstown (Pa.) Democrat
Harold B. Johnson, Watertown (N.Y.) Times
Wm. H. Johnson, Tucson Citizen
Ben B. Johnston, Richmond Times-Dispatch
A. D. Jones, Greensboro (N.C.) Record
Alexander Jones, Washington Post
Lloyd Jenkin Jones, Tulsa Tribune
Vincent S. Jones, Utica (N.Y.) Observer-Dispatch & Press
Verne Joy, Centralia Sentinel
Hugh Kane, Cleveland News
H. W. Kendall, Greensboro (N.C.) News
James Kerney, Jr., Trenton Times Newspapers
Ernest Kirschten, St. Louis Star-Times
John S. Knight, Knight Newspapers, Chicago
Walter W. Krebs, Johnstown (Pa.) Tribune
Louis LaCoss, St. Louis Globe-Democrat
E. D. Lambright, Tampa Morning Tribune
Samuel L. Latimer, The State, Columbia, S. C.
David Lawrence, United States News, Washington
Walter Leckrone, Indianapolis Times
Joseph Lee, Topeka State Journal
Edw. T. Leech, Pittsburgh Press
Joseph A. Leslie, Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch
Charles J. Lewin, New Bedford Standard Times
Herbert Lewis, St. Paul Pioneer Press & Dispatch
Ralph Leysen, Davenport Daily Times
Francis P. Locke, Miami Daily News
Walter Locke, Dayton News
Jack H. Lockhart, Scripps-Howard Newspapers, New York
Wallace Lomde, Milwaukee Journal
E. J. Lynette, Scranton Times
Glenn Macdonald, Bay City (Mich.) Times
Kenneth Macdonal, Des Moines Register & Tribune
Wm. McBride, Passaic Herald-News
Archie McCrea, Muskegon (Mich.) Chronicle
Ralph E. McGill, Atlanta Constitution
Russell McGrath, Seattle Times
B. M. MeKelway, Washington Star
Felix McKnight, Dallas News
John J. McSweeney, Wilkes-Barre Times Leader
Wm. F. Maag, Youngstown Vindicator
Lester Markel, New York Times
Ernest F. Marlatt, Kenosha Evening News
Santford Martin, Winston Salem Twin City Sentinel
Dwight Marvin, Troy Record
Wm. R. Mathews, Arizona Star, Tucson
Roy Matson, State Journal, Madison, Wis.
Burrows Matthews, Buffalo Courier-Express
John J. Mead, Jr., Erie Times
Edw. J. Meeman, Memphis Press-Scimitar
Allen Merriman, Dallas Times-Herald
Eugene Meyer, Washington Post
A. L. Miller, Battle Creek Enquirer News
Elmer H. Miller, New Rochelle Standard-Star
Lloye Miller, Knoxville News-Sentinel
Samuel W. Miller, Allentown Call and Chronicle
George E. Minot, Boston Herald
John L. Morrison, Greenville (Pa.) Record-Argus
John S. Mullawey, Cleveland News
Mr. Murdock, Wichita Eagle
Francis P. Murphy, Worcester Telegram
Joseph T. Murphy, Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, Evening News
V. M. Newton, Tampa Tribune
Ralph Nicholson, New Orleans Items
Stephen Noland, Indianapolis News
Everett Norlander, Chicago Daily News
James M. North, Jr., Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Barnett Nover, Washington Post
John M. O'Connell, Jr., Bangor News
Anthony J. O'Malley, Scranton Times
Melvin M. Oppegard, Grand Forks Herald
Hamilton Owens, Baltimore Sun
Wm. J. Pape, Waterburg (Conn.) Republican & American
Carroll W. Parcher, Glendale (Calif.) News-Press
George B. Parker, Scripps-Howard Newspapers, Washington
Philip H. Parrish, Portland Oregonian
Talbot Patrick, Goldsborough News-Argus
David Patten, Providence Bulletin
Grove Patterson, Toledo Blade
H. D. Paulson, Fargo Forum
John D. Pennekamp, Miami Herald
Dwight Perrin, Philadelphia Bulletin
H. R. Pinckard, Huntington (W. Va.) Herald-Advertiser
A. M. Piper, Council Bluffs Nonpareil
Edw. M. Pooley, El Paso Herald
James S. Pope, Louisville Courier-Journal
Philip W. Porter, Cleveland Plain Dealer
John W. Potter, Rock Island Argus
Nelson Poynter, St. Petersburg Times
Otto Pressprich, Saginaw News
Joseph Pulitzer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
John K. Quad, New Brunswick (N. J.) Home News
John D. Raridan, Canton Repository
Oxie Reichler, Yonkers Herald-Statesman
Ben Reese, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
W. D. Reimert, Allentown Call & Chronicle
Bernard H. Ridder, St. Paul Dispatch & Pioneer Press
Roy Roberts, Kansas City Star
Hugh W. Robertson, Westchester County Publishers
James P. Rosemond, Syracuse Herald-Journal
Gerald H. Salisbury, Knickerbocker News, Albany
Harold Sanford, Rochester Democrat-Chronicle
C. A. Saunders, Kentucky Post, Covington
Carl M. Saunders, Jackson (Mich.) Citizen Patriot
Frank Schroth, Brooklyn Eagle
Joe W. Seacrest, Lincoln Journal
Forrest Seymour, Des Moines Register & Tribune
Gideon Seymour, Minneapolis Star & Tribune
George R. Shoals, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
Raymond B. Sill, Bradford (Pa.) Publications
Joseph Smiley, Tampa Times
Mrs. Blanche H. Smith, Meriden Record
Guy Smith, Knoxville Journal
Paul E. Smith, Plainfield Courier News (N. J.)
R. B. Snyder, Gary Post-Tribune
John H. Sorrells, Scripps-Howard Newspapers, N. Y.
Frank M. Sparks, Grand Rapids Herald
Dale B. Stafford, Detroit Free Press
James G. Stahlman, Nashville Banner
Geo E. Stansfield, Hartford Courant
O. S. Stauffer, Topeka State Journal
Fred W. Stein, Binghamton Press
J. Hale Steinman, Lancaster (Pa.) Newspapers
John F. Steinman, Lancaster (Pa.) Newspapers
Donald J. Sterling, Oregon Journal
Wm. P. Steven, Minneapolis Morning News
Leon Stolz, Chicago Tribune
Walker Stone, Scripps-Howard Newspaper Alliance, Washington
Robert Stopher, Akron Beacon Journal
Carl K. Stuart, Oklahoman & Times
James A. Stuart, Indianapolis Star
E. Robert Stevenson, Waterbury (Conn.) Republican & American
H. G. Stutz, Ithaca Journal
Frederick Sullens, Jackson (Miss.) News
John L. Sutlive, Savannah Press
Milton Tabot, Topeka Capital
Jack Tarver, Atlanta Constitution
Bert A. Teeters, Springfield (Ohio) Newspapers
Ted O. Thackrey, New York Post
Jack B. Thompson, Chester (Pa.) Times
Kenneth Tooill, Erie Dispatch-Herald
Arthur Treanor, Saginaw Michigan
W. G. Tucker, Columbus, (Ga.) Enquirer
Fritz Updike, Rome (N. Y.) Sentinel
J. Vance, New Britain Herald
McClellan Vanderveer, Birmingham News & Age-Herald
Joseph K. Vodrey, Canton Repository
Paul S. Walcott, Greenfield (Mass.) Recorder-Gazette
Tom Wallace, Louisville Times
Basil L. Walters, Knight Newspapers, Chicago
W. R. Walton, South Bend Tribune
Clifford B. Ward, Fort Wayne News-Sentinel
W. W. Ward, Beaumont Journal
Thomas J. Waring, Jr., Charleston News & Courier
Don E. Weaver, Columbus Citizen
Louis A. Weil, Port Huron Times Herald
Roke S. Welch, Miami News
C. C. Wellington, Kansas City Star
Harold F. Wheeler, Boston Traveler
M. H. Williams, Worcester Telegram & Gazette
Edwin B. Wilson, Brooklyn Eagle
Miles H. Wolff, Baltimore Evening Sun
Lee B. Wood, New York World-Telegram
Lee M. Woodruff, Grand Rapids Press
W. J. Woods, Utica (N. Y.) Observer-Dispatch
Edw. A. Wyatt, Petersburg (Va.) Progress-Index
Dwight Young, Dayton Journal-Herald
    [Public Papers: Remarks at a Meeting With the American Society of Newspaper Editors]
4:15 pm The Secretary of the Treasury [John W. Snyder]
4:25 pm (Mr. Cyril Magnin)
(Virginia Sisk)

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