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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, April 2, 1947
10:00 am (Admiral William D. Leahy)
(and artist, Mr. Remski)
(Admiral William D. Leahy asked to bring this artist in
to show the President some of his work, which
the Admiral thinks very good)
10:10 am (The President saw 50 high school children in back
grounds, OFF RECORD, at request of Congressman
Zimmerman of Missouri)
10:15 am Honorable Eugene Black, Executive Director of the World Bank
(Mr. Black told Mr. Edwin Locke he would like to pay
his respects to the President, and Mr. Locke thought
it would be a good thing)
11:00 am (Mr. W. F. Doon)
(Florence Doon)
(Mr. Albert Chow)
(Miss Florence Chow)
(General Harry Vaughan brought them in)
11:30 am Dr. Harold W. Dodds, President of Princeton
Senator H. Alexander Smith, N. J.
(When President Dodds received Mr. Matthew Connelly's letter
March 24th (Copy attached for the President's in-
formation) He phoned Mr. Matthew Connelly to ask if he might
come down and talk to the President. Yesterday Senator
Smith of N.J. phoned to say that Dr. Dodds wanted him
to come along)
12:00 pm Admiral Richmond J.Turner, USN
(Admiral James Foskett)
12:15 pm (Mr. Leroy A. Weidle)
(Mr. Charles V. Selby)
12:30 pm Hon. J. H. Hilldring, Assistant Secretary of State and four
officers of the Military Government Association:
Charles M. Spofford, Vice President
Senator Harry P. Cain, Vice President
Richard H. Wilmer, Vice President
Milton W. Buffington, Treasurer
(These gentlemen are meeting today with Mr. Hilldring
organizing the Military Government Association, and
wanted picture taken with the President marking the
start of this organization.) (See copy Press Release attached)
1:00 pm (Lunched downstairs in Executive Office)
3:30 pm (Clark Clifford, et al - work on speech)

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