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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, April 3, 1947
9:30 am (Senator H. Alexander Smith, N. J.)
(Senator Bourke B. Hickenlooper, Iowa)
(Senator Smith phoned yesterday to request an early
appointment, off record, to discuss the Lilienthal
confirmation with the President)
10:00 am Mr. John J. Nangle, of St. Louis
Mr. Ralph D. Jones
Mr. Russell H. Matthias
(Arranged by Mr. Clark Clifford)
10:30 am Senator Carl A. Hatch, New Mexico
Senator Dennis Chavez, New Mexico
(Senator Hatch phoned for this on Monday)
10:45 am (General Ralph Truman)
(Arranged by Miss Rose Conway)
11:00 am Admiral F. J. Horne, Asst. Chief of Naval Operations
(Retiring and wishes to pay his respects - arranged
by Admiral Foskett)
11:15 am The Secretary of the Navy [James Forrestal]
11:30 am Honorable Myron Taylor
(Phoned Mr. Matthew Connelly early last week for this)
12:00 pm The President received first of group of Democratic
National Committeemen, Committeewomen, State Chairmen
and Vice Chairmen. This group represents States of
Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West
Virginia. Similar receptions to be held on subsequent
Thursdays thru April, May and June, ending June 19th.
Hon. James M. Tunnell, Georgetown, Delaware, Democratic
National Committeeman, Former United States Senator
Miss Marie T. Lockwood, Main Street, Middletown, Delaware,
Democratic National Committeewoman
Mrs. Anna Maher, 702 West 27th Street, Wilmington, Delaware,
Vice Chairman, Democratic State Committee
Mrs. Alice Canoles, 3403 Claremont Street, Baltimore, Md.,
Democratic National Committeewoman
Honorable Robert B. Ennis, 704 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, Md.,
Chairman, Democratic State Committee
Mrs. Mary H. Duvall, 2718 Guilford Avenue, Baltimore, Md.,
Vice Chairman, Democratic State Committee
Hon. David L. Lawrence, Mayor's Office, City-County Bldg.,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Democratic National Committeeman,
Mayor, City of Pittsburgh (Long-time party worker)
Mrs. Emma Guffey Miller, 2929 Benton Place, N.W., Washington, D.C.
Democratic National Committeewoman (Sister of former Senator
Joseph F. Guffey, Husband member of I.C.C.)
Honorable J. Warren Mickle, 27 South 3rd Street, Harrisburg, Pa.,
Chairman, Democratic State Committee
Mrs. Ruth Grigg Horting, 439 N. Charlotte Street, Lancaster, Pa.,
Vice Chairman, Democratic State Committee
Hon. E. R. Combs, c/o State Capitol, Richmond, Virginia,
Democratic National Committeeman (for a long time)
Mrs. John Garland Pollard, 718 West Franklin Street, Richmond, Va.,
Democratic National Committeewoman (for a long time)
Honorable Horace H. Edwards, City Hall, Richmond, Virginia,
(Chairman, Democratic State Committee, Mayor, City of Richmond)
Mrs. Corinne Booker, Bluefield, West Virginia, Associate Chairman,
Democratic State Committee
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:30 pm Hon. Dean Acheson, Acting Secretary of State
Hon. William L. Clayton, Under Secretary of State for
Economic Affairs
(To discuss Trade Agreements to be taken up at Geneva)
4:00 pm Press and Radio Conference [Public Papers]
4:30 pm (Honorable David E. Lilienthal)
(Carroll L. Wilson )
(Robert F. Bacher )
(Sumner T. Pike )
(Lewis L. Strauss )
(William W. Waymack )
(Members of Atomic Energy Commission)

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