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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Tuesday, April 8, 1947
8:30 am (Miss Greta Kempton - artist)
10:45 am General Joseph T. McNarney
(Requested this through the Secretary of War [Robert P. Patterson])
11:00 am Dr.Edwin G. Nourse, Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers
Mr. Leon Keyserling, Vice Chairman
Mr. John D. Clark, Member
(Dr. Nourse phoned Mr. Connelly last week to ask for this)
11:30 am The Secretary of Agriculture [Clinton P. Anderson]
12:00 pm Major General Graves B. Erskine, USMC
12:30 pm (Mr. Walter G. Slagle, Jr., and his fiancee, Miss Patricia
(The President had letter from father of Mr. Slagle asking
him if he could receive his son and fiancee - correspondence
attached for the President's information)
12:40 pm Mr. William D. McAdams)
12:45 pm (Mr. Robert Hardaway)
1:00 pm (Lunch downstairs in Executive Office)
3:15 pm (A photographer took some pictures of the President for
Miss Greta Kempton, the artist, who will use in
connection with portrait she is doing of the President)
3:30 pm Honorable James Webb, Director, Bureau of the Budget
(Phoned Mr. Connelly yesterday for this)
3:55 pm Honorable Charles B. Henderson, RFC
The Secretary of the Treasury [John W. Snyder]

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