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 Profile of  Dean G. Acheson
Brief profile :
Assistant Secretary of State, 1941-1945
Under Secretary of State, 1945-1947
Secretary of State, 1949-1953
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Biographical sketch :  
1893 (April 11) Born, Middletown, Connecticut
1915 A.B. from Yale
1918 LL. B. from Harvard University
1919-1921 Private Secretary to Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis
1921-1933 Worked at law firm of Covington, Burling, and Rublee
1933 (May 19) Appointed Undersecretary of the Treasury
1933 (November 15) Resigned as Undersecretary of the Treasury
1934-1941 Member of law firm of Covington, Burling, Rublee, Acheson, and Shorb
1941-1945 Assistant Secretary of State
1945-1947 Undersecretary of State
1947-1949 Private legal practice at Covington and Burling
1949-1953 Secretary of State
1953-1970 Worked at law firm of Covington and Burling
1969 Published Present at the Creation
1971 (October 12) Died at his Maryland estate, Harewood