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 Profile of  Oscar L. Chapman
Brief profile :
Assistant Secretary of the Interior, 1933-1946
Under Secretary of the Interior, 1946-1949
Secretary of the Interior, 1949-1953
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Biographical sketch :  
1896 (October 22) born, Omega, Virginia
1918-1920 Navy Medical Corps
1922-1924 University of Denver
1922-1924 Juvenile Court of Denver Assistant Chief Probation Officer
1924-1925 Juvenile Court of Denver Chief Probation Officer
1927-1928 University of New Mexico
1929 Westminster Law School of Denver, LL.D.
1930 Campaign Manager, Senator Edward P. Costigan
1932 Campaign Manager, Senator Alva Adams
1933-1946 Assistant Secretary of the Interior
1946-1949 Under Secretary of the Interior
1949-1953 Secretary of the Interior
  Chapman, Duff & Paul Law Firm
1978 (February 8) died, Washington, D.C., buried Arlington National Cemetery