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 Profile of  Matthew J. Connelly
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Appointments Secretary to the President, 1945-1953
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1907(November 19) Born, Clinton, Massachusetts
1930 Graduated from Fordham University
1930-1933 Worked as a stock broker in New York City
1933-1938 Worked with federal relief agencies in Boston and Washington, D.C.
1939 Member of the staff of the Appropriations Committee, U.S. House of Representatives
1940 Member of the staff of the Special Committee to Investigate Campaign Expenditures, U.S. Senate
1941-1944 Member of the staff of the Senate Special Committee to Investigate National Defense Program, (Truman Committee)
1945, January-April Executive Secretary to the Vice President
1945-1953 Appointments secretary to the President
1955 Indicted for accepting a bribe and conspiring to defraud the government. He was convicted in 1956 and served six months in prison in 1960.
1962 Granted a full and unconditional pardon by President John F. Kennedy.
1976 (July 10) Died, Oak Park, Illinois