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Election of 1824

Understanding the 1824 election

Author: Keith Rains
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How Important Is What Happened In Kansas and Missouri to the Coming Civil War?

To show students that the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the effects of John Brown's and other raids along the border.

Author: Nancy Witt
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Project Whistlestop: Missouri Vacation Learning Unit

Vacation planning as a fourth-grade introduction to a host of ideas including, map reading, state history, recreation in Missouri, scarcity, and opportunity cost

Author: Ruth Hays
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Geographic Context for War

Given a map of Korea, student teams will label the map showing location of mountains, average high and low temperatures, names of neighboring countries, population centers, and location of cities.

Author: Sherry Schirmer
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Lesson Plans for Candy Bomber Activity

The daring activities of Gail Halvorsen will be presented in class. Students will then be asked to formulate a plan to create and hopefully implement their own service activity.

Author: Derek Frieling
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