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Historical Photographs of Independence: Harry S. Truman and the "Road" to the Presidency

This will be an introductory paired learning activity. The students, working in teams, analyze the rapid rise in automobiles and the growing need for a stable road system in the United States/Missouri . . .

Author: Joe Henke
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Jazzed, Boozed, and Busted: 1920

Students will be required to put together a PowerPoint or poster board presentation on a theme from the Roaring Twenties. The presentation (PowerPoint slides or poster board) must include pictures, de . . .

Author: Joe Henke
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How Important Is What Happened In Kansas and Missouri to the Coming Civil War?

To show students that the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the effects of John Brown's and other raids along the border.

Author: Nancy Witt
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Cuban Missile Crisis in Thirteen Days

Use of lecture/film with primary documents to increase student understanding of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Author: Janell Cinquini
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Weapons of War

I want the students to grasp what the soldiers on both sides of the Civil War used to fight the war. As we continue on in history, we will compare these weapons to weapons used in WWI and WWII. Stude . . .

Author: Janet Rovenstine
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