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Matilda Brown, one of Truman's teachers

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Eleanor Roosevelt, Marian Anderson, and the Daughters of the American Revolution

Analyzing Elanor Roosevelt and her role in the early civil rights movement

Author: John F. Gardner
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U.S Foreign Policy and the United Nations

Students will be analyzing two political cartoons featuring the United Nations (one from the Korean War-Truman administration and one from the War in the Persian Gulf-circa Bush 41 administration). A . . .

Author: Diane Haywood
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America's Role In The World...Truman Leads The Way To The Present AND Future.

Students will be involved in drawing evaluative conclusions about our U.S. role in the world today and into the future based upon the direction provide by President Harry S. Truman beginning in 1945.

Author: Tim Gallagher
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President Truman's Desk

Students use document and artifacts, including Truman's desk, to analyze Harry S. Truman

Author: Jerry Davenport
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Who Moves to Kansas? The Exoduster Migration

Students will use primary documents to determine the views and dreams of freedmen in the Exoduster migration to Kansas using a photo of an Exoduster family in NE, the Kansas Emigrant Song, and NARAs d . . .

Author: Kate Sutter
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