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Matilda Brown, one of Truman's teachers

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Comparing the Articles of Confederation and the League of Nations

Create Your Own DBQ

Captain Truman's World War I Letters

Choice Board

Causes of World War I

Captain Harry Truman

Cold War Study Unit

Cold War in Asia

Cold War competition for power

Conflict Analysis: Should the US join the war in Korea?

Cuban Missile Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis Spy

Cuban Missile Crisis in Thirteen Days

Cuban Missile Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis

Character in Leadership

Comparison/Contrast Composer Study

Civil War Facebook

Conflicting Views of Point IV

Cold War Origins in Europe and the Truman Doctrine Speech

Comparing the Truman, Eisenhower, and Monroe Doctrines

Compare and Contrast the Civil Rights Accomplishments of the Truman Administration and the Eisenhower Administration

Collecting Perspectives: Glimpses of Civil Liberties Found in Children's Literature

Civil Rights and the Supreme Court

Civil Rights After Baseball: The Presidential Responses to Jackie Robinson

Cold War Visual Analysis and Presentation

Comparing the United States Bill of Rights and the United Nations

Civil War Turning Points

Considering the 1860 Election

Comparing Campaign Speeches Given in Salt Lake City during the 1948 Presidential Campaign

Campaigns through the Decades and Evolution of Media

Colonial Social Media

Comparing Everyday Life in the United States in 1945 and Today

Captain Harry & Bess: Letters from WW1

Cold War Tensions Between the US and the USSR

Cabinet Reflective Experience

Changes for the Ages: WWI Technology & Its Impact


Prohibition and the Constitution

Political Platforms

Propaganda and the Sinking of the Lusitania

Propaganda Posters

Presidential Decisions for War

Presidential Decisions: The Iran Hostage Crisis

Project Whistlestop: Missouri Vacation Learning Unit

Project Based Technology in Second Grade

Political Cartoons: Introduction to Symbols

President Truman's Desk

President Truman's Acceptance Speech

Pictures of the Berlin Airlift: Primary Sources (Photos and Cartoons) to Motivate Learning

Primary Documents and American History

Problem Action Reaction for Bleeding Kansas

Perspective is Everything Using Primary Sources to Learn about History

Popular Sovereignty or Shall Kansas Be A Free or Slave State?

Problem, Action, Reaction - Cold War

Propaganda Techniques and Harry S. Truman's St. Louis 1948 Reelection Speech

Political Independence and Territorial Integrity For All

Presidential Powers, Executive Orders, and Civil Rights

Protecting our Posterity from the Prejudices of our Past

President Harry Truman and Civil Rights In America

President Truman's Civil Rights Policies Leading to Desegregation of the Military

Presidential Propaganda: How the candidates for President use propaganda to win election.

Presidential Election Politics: Past to Present. A focus on the Presidential elections of 1796, 1948 and 2016

Persuading the Public: The Presidential Elections of 1976, 1980, and 1984

Predicting the 2016 Presidential Election Results

Presidential Bracketology

Political Propaganda: Icons, Slogans, and Imagery in Presidential Elections

Presidential Elections Project

Presidential Decision Making: Truman's Recognition of Israel

Propaganda vs Patriotism

Pete: Truman's White House Squirrel


The Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations

Treaty of Versailles- Impact on foreign relations

The Red Scare through Political Cartoons & Satire

To League or not to League?

The New Deal: Yesterday and Today

Truman's Roads Program

The Great Depression and The Recession

The Other Side of the 1920's

Truman Doctrine

Truman, World War One and Desegregation

The Human Cost of War: The Responsibility of the Leadership in World War I

To Fire or not to Fire - Presidential Simulation

The Holocaust - Yesterday & Today

The Nuremberg Trials: Who Should be put on Trial?

The Korean War through the Perspectives of Political Cartoons and Political Posters

The Cuban Missile Crisis in 10 Steps

The Nation in Conflict: The Vietnam War

The Interview: Oral History-First Person Accounts: What to Ask and How to Ask

Three Branches of Government

The Fall of Saigon

Taking a look at Thomas Hart Benton, painter of the mural at the Truman Library, and two other regional artists, Grant Wood and John Steuart Curry.

The Road to the Presidency

Tales of Truman's Travels Fifty Years Ago

Teaching Unit: Analyzing State of the Union Messages

The campaign and election of 1948-Digital Scrapbook

The Great Depression Essay

The Holocaust: Resistance Movements

The Holocaust

Truman and the Holocaust

The Florida Panhandle and World War I

The Border War: Local, National, and Historical Perspectives

Timeline Activity 1848-1856

The Election of 1860: An Analysis of Editorial Cartoons

The Marshall Plan through Political Cartoons

The Marshall Plan; What if it happened here?

The United Nations; who they are and why they have your back; or do they?

The Korean War

The Marshall Plan, Pros and Cons

The Marshall Plan from the Perspective Political Cartoons and Posters

Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan

Textbook Editor

Thin Ice Encompassed by Increasing Fire: Conflict and Struggle for Human Rights in the Middle East

Truman and the Modern State of Israel

The Fight for Freedom for Women and Children in Afghanistan

The Role Imperialism Played in the Formation of the State of Israel

To Do or Not To Do: Truman's Recognition of Israel

Truman and Israel

The Lemon Tree: A Case Study on the Creation of the State of Israel (1948)

The Truman, Eisenhower & Nixon Doctrines: Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy during the Cold War

Truman's Recognition of Israel - A Role Play

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Truman and Executive Order 9981: Idealistic, Pragmatic, or Shrewd Politician?

The Feminist Movement, Then and Now

The DePriest Tea Incident and the Social Integration of the White House

Truman and Civil Rights

Truman, Civil Rights and the Desegregation of the Military

To Desegregate the United States military or not ...

The Presidential Desegregation Movement: The role of the President in relation to Desegregation

The Civil Rights Presidents

The Ethics and Implications of Government Spying

Truman and Civil Rights

The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bombs

The Origins of the Cold War

The Angel of Theresienstadt

The Atomic Bomb

Truman's Commission on Civil Rights

Truman and the Cold War

To Free the Slaves

Truman Declines to Comply

The Lives and Legacies of our Presidents and First Ladies through a Wax Museum Presentation

Tweet It!: Truman's Big Decision Edition

The Great Migration Lesson Plan

Truth in History and The Battle of Who Run

The World War I experience of Harry Truman

The Hello Girls in World War I

The US Media and the Armenian Massacre

The Power of Persuasion: Press and Propaganda During World War I

Total War: Causes and Consequences through Images