Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

The Truman Trunk

A Hands on approach to learning about the life and times of Harry S. Truman

"Men make history. History does not make the man."

Harry S. Truman

The Harry S. Truman footlocker is a replica of the one "Captain Harry" used as a soldier and officer during World War I.

The items contained inside are replicas of items used by Harry S. Truman. While some of the items are authentic from that time period, none were actually used by Harry Truman.

The footlocker provides a wonderful, hands on approach for teachers to introduce young students to Mr. Truman and also provides extensive research opportunities for older students.

Classes visiting the Truman Library have the opportunity to borrow one of the trunks for use in their classroom. To purchase a trunk for your school or district, please contact the Library.

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