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1948 Campaign: Political Cartoons

Below are descriptions of the images held in the 1948 Campaign: Political Cartoons Folder. The hyperlink to the right will lead you to the actual image. Note: These political cartoons cannot be printed and used in any other publication without permission from the Washington Post Writer's Group.

  1. Upset Cart, by Jim Berryman
  2. Boss Can You Spare Me a Few Minutes, by Jim Berryman
  3. Regards to the Champ, Jim Berryman
  4. The Charge of the Light Brigade, by Jim Berryman
  5. Democratic Convention Opens Here
  6. They Didn't Believe Me, by Jim Berryman
  7. The Donkey Serenade, by Gib Crockett
  8. Down by the Station, by Jim Berryman
  9. Ghost Riders, by Gib Crockett
  10. Historical Moves, by Karl Knecht
  11. When Johnnie Comes Marching Home Again, by Jim Berryman
  12. King for a Day, by Jim Berryman
  13. Little White Lies, by Jim Berryman
  14. Out of My Way, by Jim Berryman
  15. Overdoing the Razzle Dazzle, by Jim Berryman
  16. Sweeping Gains, by Jim Berryman
  17. A President Goes Into Training for Western Trip, by Gib Crockett
  18. White House Porch, by Karl Knecht



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