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Special Message to Congress on Greece and Turkey: The Truman Doctrine, March 12, 1947 (18 min. 46 sec.)

Oral Histories

Karl Bendetsen , General counsel, Department of the Army, 1949; Assistant Secretary of the Army, 1950-52; Under Secretary of the Army, 1952.

Clark M. Clifford, Special Counsel to the President, 1946-50.

William Edwards, Counselor, in charge of British Information Services, British Embassy in Washington, D.C., 1946-49.

George Elsey, Naval officer assigned to the White House Map Room, 1942-47; Special Assistant in the White House Office, 1947-49; Administrative Assistant to the President, 1949-51; Assistant to the Director, Mutual Security Agency, 1951-53.

Clifford C. Matlock, Political adviser, European Coordinating Committee, London, 1949-50; political officer, U.S. delegation, North Atlantic Council, London, 1949-50; political officer and Director, Plans and Policy Staff, Office of U.S. Special Representative in Europe, 1952-53.

John S. Pesmazoglu, Director General, Ministry of Coordination in Charge of Planning Economic Development, Greece, 1951-55.

Edwin Noel Plowden, Chairman, Economic Planning Board, Great Britain, 1947-53.

William M. Rountree, Staff officer on the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry on Palestine, 1945-46; special assistant to the director, Office of Near Eastern and African Affairs, Department of State, 1946-48; member of the American Economic Mission to Greece, 1947; diplomatic service in Greece, 1948-49, Turkey, 1952-53, and Iran, 1953-55; Deputy Director, 1949-50, and Director, 1952, Office of Greek, Turkish and Iranian Affairs, Department of State.

John W. Snyder, Secretary of the Treasury, 1946-53.

Anthony Bernaris, Secretary-General of the Ministry of National Economy, Greece.

Dr. Constantinos Doxiadis, Minister of Housing and Reconstruction, Greece, 1945-48.

Spyros Markezinis, Greek lawyer, historian, and politician. Legal advisor to King George II of the Hellenes, 1936-46; served in Greek National Resistance, 1941-44; member of Parliament for the Cyclades, 1946, for Athens, 1952-67; founded New Party, 1947 (dissolved 1951); Minister without Portfolio, 1949; Minister for Coordination and Economic Planning until 1954; formed Progressive Party, 1955; and Prime Minister, October-November, 1973.

Hon. Constantine Tsaldaris, Prime Minister, Greece, 1946-47.