Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

Physical measurements

Letter to a Lieutenant who is wanting to design a figure of President Truman. He is requesting measurements to use.

    14 April 1950

    Dear Lieutenant:

      I don't know how much material and how many vital statistics are necessary for making a six inch figurine but I am glad to be as helpful as possible.

      The President is about five feet nine inches and weighs about one hundred and seventy-eight. He has a hat size of seven and three-eighths and a shoe size of nine C. Wears a fifteen - thirty-three shirt and has a chest measure of forty inches. He usually wears gray, blue, or brown suits and gray, tan, or brown hats. The President could be called a careful dresser. His hat and shoes are in keeping with his suit. His socks, tie, and shirt are in harmony or proper contrast. I have never seen him when he was not neatly and tastefully dressed.

      I hope this gives you the necessary information.


      Major General, U. S. Army (Res)
      Military Aide to the President

    Lieutenant Max E.R. Keiffer
    209 Ming
    Warrensburg, Missouri