Home Front


While her fiancée was fighting in France, Bess Wallace, like millions of other women in America, was doing what she could at home to contribute to the war effort. 

Some of her efforts focused on the needs of the local community in Independence. 

As a founding member of the Independence Community Welfare League in 1916, she and other members helped feed and comfort families of limited means. 

In a project with a far more national scope, she chaired the Blue Township’s Fourth Liberty Loan drive for the National Woman’s Liberty Loan Committee of the Treasury Department that secured funding for the war effort. 

For Captain Truman, though, her most personal contribution to the war effort was the comfort she provided to him through dozens of personal letters laced with news from home and thoughts of their future together.



Exhibition Dates

Heroes or Corpses: Captain Truman in World War I is on display from March 10 through December 31, 2018.